Hydraulic Cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders work on the principle of Pascal's Law.  It states that when pressure is applied to a confined fluid, it acts equally upon every part of the confining vessel on its interior surfaces.  This force exerted by the fluid contained inside the hydraulic cylinder is transmitted to an external body through the piston rod extended beyond its boundaries.  The first practical application of Pascal's Law was constructed by the British engineer Joseph Bramah in 1796 in his famous press. It has been widely used in different forms such as presses, jacks, lifts, elevators etc. ever since

Hydraulic cylinders of different types such as single or double acting and of simple or telescopic configuration are constructed to meet the needs of different application. A typical double acting hydraulic cylinder, the type most commonly used consists of a cylinder body, head end and rod end blocks, piston rod assembly and seals.   The most important functional requirements are smooth movement of the piston and containment of the operating fluid under pressure within the cylinder over a long period of operating life. We have a capability of manufacturing cylinders up to 1000bars 


Power Packs

Hydraulic power pack offers capacities, control options & configurations for virtually any application requirement. A wide variety of manifold options and choice of pumps enables customer to match any application requirement with a hydraulic power pack that, meets his system, at the same time ensuring cost effective operation and optimum productivity. The hydraulic power packs are designed to provide capacities, control options and configurations for a variety of application requirements. Ensuring cost effective operation with desired productivity, these hydraulic power packs can be customized to suit a variety of needs. The hydraulic components used in the power packs are carefully selected and put together with high technology systems. These power packs are built to withstand all kinds of harsh environments.

KBEERA specialists in design and manufacture, we provide hydraulic power packs in Mobile and Industrial applications around the world. Our products are designed and manufactured in-house using the latest design and manufacturing technology, this enables us to be competitive in the world market. Our power packs are manufactured to run 24 hours and are equipped with latest features like low and high pressure pumps, solenoid operated directional control valve, Relief Valves, Pressure switch, Pressure Gauge, Breather cum filler, Oil level indicator & Oil level switch, Return line filters, Return line diffuser, filter clogging indicator, Magnetic Plug, Suction Strainer, with by pass check valve etc. Valves will be mounted on manifold to minimize piping.