Types of Compression Molding Press
The range of Compression Molding Presses we offer are as follows

Rubber Molding Presses
These presses help you to mould anything and everything. Automobiles components like foot rests, dust boots, silent blocks, medical items, rubber soles, rubber sheets, SMC, DMC, rubber straps, many other items. our machines are expert in providing best solution to critical & precision rubber Molding with fast production rate. We also manufacture fully automatic two three or four station PLC control presses common power pack having advance technique of auto degassing or air breathing.

Conveyor Belts & rubber mats Molding Presses
These presses are equipped with multiple cylinders and platens which helps to mould long conveyor belts with 100% efficiency.

Laboratory Compression Molding Presses:
We manufacture 5 tons & 30 tons capacity hydraulic compression Molding presses for various laboratory applications.

Oil Seals and ‘O’ ring Molding Presses
These Presses are highly suitable to produce all kind of oil seals and ‘O’ rings especially used in automobile / motorcycles, compressors etc. The main advantages of this press are reduced curing time with zero rejections

Cold Tread Molding Press:
We also manufacture hydraulic vulcanizing presses, which are available in 300T, 400T, 500T, 600T & 800 tons capacity. The platen size can be up to 05 feet's & no. of daylights maximum upto 7 nos.

Melamine Molding Presses :
We are manufacturing and exporting a large no. of machines for thermosetting compression (melamine molding) and are able to meet customer's specific performance and tolerance requirements. Our wide range of press sizes and tonnage capacity is satisfying day-to-day requirements of the upcoming market.

Bullet-Proof Helmet and Body Aurmor Moulding Presses
This Press is designed for moulding of special type of composite fibre material that is used to make Bullet-proof Helmets, Front-Back body Armour Plates and Neck Shield for various Defense applications such as used by our brave solders to protect themselves and defend our country. This process of special moulding is done on specially designed KBEERA Hydraulic Presses.

Eva Cold Forming Presses
KBEERA make Quick Opening Hydraulic Press for EVA Sheet, Rubber Sheet, Eva Soles, Rubber Soles, Rubber Mats and Silicon are manufacture in four pillar type or ‘H’ frame type in design. This type of press has become well known for its reliability, durability and fast production. This machine is used for making insoles of shoes, bathroom slippers, and sports Industries.