Since 1960, exceptional customer service and continuous improvement have been cornerstones of KBEERA's philosophy. Consistent, impressive growth and the repeat business of key clients have proven the value of such a focus. All customers, regardless of order volume, are highly valued by the entire Kbeera team . Customers receive individualized attention and quick response to their needs from the company principals and entire staff.

KBEERA has been making hydraulic presses in a variety of sizes and systems for over 46 years. Customer-orientated development has ensured the company a leading position in its field. Thanks to a multiplicity of available press configurations and combinations, the Kbeera user can choose a suitable press for almost any application without the need for elaborate and expensive on-off designs. Optimal rationalization is attained in fully automatic plants.

Kbeera utilizes proven and standard designs that are tailored to our customers' specific applications. We offer a variety of high-quality hydraulic presses from 2-3000+ tons that provide value, durability, and reliability. These presses can be made for virtually any industry, with an unlimited amount of capabilities and options.

Our philosophy of keeping things simple has allowed us to better serve our customers, saving time and money by providing a value engineered approach.

Kbeera's self contained manufacturing process has given us valuable experience in: product design, tool design and fabrication, production equipment manufacturing, component manufacturing and assembling. This manufacturing experience gives us a competitive edge over our competition as we help you through the entire process.

Kbeera presses are tailor made at almost any tonnage for your specific application . We will thoroughly analyze your requirements and make the machine that is perfect for your needs. Our components are proven, trouble free, long lasting, and are manufactured by respected and reliable component companies with proven track records.

Kbeera produces durable well built presses, constructs the entire press in-house and has a lead time that is second to none. We take pride in our ability to very quickly convert your press requirements into a defined end product. Our just-in-time philosophy always leaves us at the cutting edge of technology because we are able to improve our hydraulic presses, each time that we make them .