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250 Tons Deep Draw Press

Gib-guided presses, also known as straight-sided or H- Frame presses, are the frame style of choice for the most demanding applications because they offer the most precise method for ram guidance. Gibs are press components that guide the reciprocating motion of the ram to maintain superior squareness and parallelism throughout the stroke. Because gibs are fully adjustable left-to-right as well as front-to-back, you’re guaranteed to maintain precise tolerances for the life of your press.

All press types – hydraulic, servo-electric – can be configured to support a gib-guided frame. KBEERA gib-guided press systems use an 8-point guidance system with self-lubricating, graphite-impregnated bronze wear strips to provide the most precise level of ram guidance.

Advantages of Gib-Guided Hydraulic Press

  • Best option to structurally counter-act the effects of off-centre loading
  • Most precise ram guidance method available
  • Gibs are adjustable to ensure accuracy over time
  • Very commonly used for Sheet metal Applications & Cold forgings

Special Characteristics

Heavy duty, high performance hydraulic press with die cushion for manufacturing deep drawing components. These high-performance presses are designed for high off-centre loads with heavy RAM force. Specially designed for deep drawing and cold forging applications, these machines can handle tough processing that can’t be done mechanically. The high-precision design makes them safe and dependable. Push-bottom controls and Logical oil circuit design make our presses simple to operate and easy to maintain. Our hydraulic forming press has highly robust construction with eight-point long slide guide for perfect guiding with centralize lubrication system, water cooled heat exchanger and PLC control. Longer stroke and die cushion device give you the power you need for the most complicated jobs.

Additional Features Include

  • Sequence Control with PLC
  • Precise L.V.D.T Stroke & depth control
  • Photo sensor electronic safety guard
  • Auto Ejector & Knock out Systems

They are specially designed for uniform pressure on blank holder to avoid wrinkles during the process which improves the quality and productivity rate of products. Hydraulic deep draw press is suitable for manufacturing stainless steel utensils and other automobile draw components with high degree of finish, productivity and speed.

300 Ton Hot Forging Press
1200 Tons Blank Holder Type Deep Draw Press
1500 Ton Cold Forging Press

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