C-Frame Press

C-frame presses, also commonly referred to as three side open presses, are characterized by their unique frame style, resulting in the formation of a “C” around the bolster plate. KBEERA offers C-frame presses in a variety of bed sizes and tonnages.

Inherent to a typical C-frame design is a tendency for the machine to “yawn” or deflect as tonnages and bed sizes increase. KBEERA rigidly guided C-frame designs are engineered to resist deflection or “yawning” using gib-guided ram bolsters or precision graphite impregnated bronze bushings.

While three-sided access to the forming area is appealing (or required) for many applications, C-frame presses are typically best suited for applications needing smaller bed sizes and lower tonnages.

Advantages of C-Frame Presses

  • Three access points to the working area facilitate part loading and unloading as well as easy die maintenance and adjustments
  • More economical than a straight-side press
  • Machines with higher tonnages or larger bed sizes can use additional materials to reinforce the frame, counteracting deflection or “yawning”.
100 Ton C-Frame Press

10 Ton C-Frame Press

20 Ton C-Frame Press

50 Ton C-Frame Press

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