Ammunition Processing Machines

Cartridges cases are manufactured in multi station transfer press or rotary indexing type servo presses for different calibers including rifle & pistol cases.

Bullet Assembly MachinesĀ are used in the manufacturing of projectiles for both pistol and rifle cartridges. They are versatile enough to convert from one caliber to another.

KBEERA manufacture state-of-the-art Servo Mechanical Transfer Presses Multi-stations & Servo Mechanical Rotary Indexing Machines for manufacturing of different types of calibers as per customer requirements.

Our customer can choose from simple mechanical Blanking Cupping machines to sophisticated and advance servo mechanical machines with very precise parameters controls and settings through Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Kbeera also specialise in all types of toolings including carbide drawing dies & punches for various processes.

General Cartridge Manufacturing Process:-

  • Blanking
  • Cupping
  • 1st Draw
  • 2nd Draw
  • 3rd Draw
  • Heading
  • Pocketing
  • Flash Hole Piercing
  • Mouth Trimming
  • Extraction Grooving
  • Tapering & Necking
  • Final Length Trimming

This process intermediately includes Annealing, Washing & Pickling Process as per component requirement. You can consult KBEERA Team for your customize needs. We can provide you with complete automation process for case & projectile manufacturing.

100 Tons Servo Mechanical Transfer Press

Servo Type Cartridge Case Drawing Machine

500 Tons Deep Draw Press with 6 Axis Robot

800 Tons Indenting Hydraulic Press with 6 Axis Robot

2000 Tons Head Forming Press Forging Press

Servo Rotary Tappering and Necking Machine

Servo Rotary Head Stamping and Pocketing Machine

Forming the future.

We provide custom hydraulic press solutions to guarantee your manufacturing success.

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