Sheet Metal Machines

Sheet Metal Machines

Deep drawing hydraulic press – capacity from 50-3000 ton

Heavy duty, high performance hydraulic press with die cushion for manufacturing deep drawing components. These high performance presses are designed for high off center loads with heavy RAM force. Specially designed for deep drawing and punching, these machines can handle tough processing that can’t be done mechanically. The high-precision design makes them safe and dependable. Push-bottom controls and Logical oil circuit design make our presses simple to operate and easy to maintain. Our hydraulic forming press has highly robust construction with eight point long slide guide for perfect guiding with centralize lubrication system, water cooled heat exchanger and PLC control. Our hydraulic forming presses also features advance hydro electronic controls which gives better quality products with more production rate. Longer stroke and die cushion device give you the power you need for the most complicated jobs. Hydraulic deep drawing press are equipped with PLC, L.V.D.T depth control, photo sensor electronic safety guard, auto ejector. They are specially designed for uniform pressure on blank holder to avoid wrinkles during the process which improves the quality and productivity rate of products. Hydraulic deep draw press is suitable for manufacturing stainless steel utensils and other automobile draw components with high degree of finish, productivity and speed.

Different types

  • Double action drawing press with bottom cushioning arrangement.
  • Double action drawing press with blank holder.
  • Triple action drawing press
250 Tons Deep Draw Press

300 Tons Hot Forging Press

300 Tons Deep Draw Press

400 Tons Deep Draw Press

400 Tons Cold Folging Press

1000 Tons Cold Forging Press

1200 Tons Blank Holder Type Deep Draw Press

1500 Tons Cold Forging Press

1600 Tons Deep Draw Press

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