Ballistic Armor Panel Molding Press

This Press is designed for moulding of special type of composite fibre material that is used to make Bullet-proof Helmets, Front-Back Body Armour Plates and Neck Shield for various Defense applications such as used by our brave solders to protect themselves and defend our country. This process of special moulding is done on specially designed KBEERA Hydraulic Presses.

Various type of composite type materials used for armoured panels

  • UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular weight polyethylene) also called Dyneema.
  • Aramid or PE are also used with bonding in an autoclave oven with ceramic material (Boron Carbide, Silicon Carbide, Aluminum Oxide, etc.)

Popular manufacturers Honeywell, DU-Pont, Tejjain, Hyosung, Dyneema, and many more

500 Ton Ballistic Helmet Molding Press

2000 Ton Ballistic Armor Molding Press

Ballistic Armor Panel Mold

Ballistic Armor Panel

500 Ton Ballistic Helmet Molding Press

Ballistic Helmet Mold

Helmet Mold

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