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Kbeera presses are remarkably durable and engineered to achieve unprecedented up-time in order to meet the demanding requirements of today’s 24-7 manufacturing environments. We design each hydraulic press frame using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) design software. The resulting computer-aided simulations, which mirror real-world manufacturing stresses, ensure the design is robust enough to handle the most taxing industrial applications.

List of our few mothers’ machinery

  • Kirloskar lathes for turning big shafts, cylinders, rams etc
  • V.T.L with bed size 3.5 mtr.
  • Radial Drilling Machines for precision drilling. (75mm)
  • Heller Germany make plano miller 2 mtr. x 1.2 mtr. x 1 mtr.
  • Mig welding sets and rectifiers. (Total 10 nos)
  • Cylindrical grinder 3 mtr for grinding rams and shafts.
  • EOT cranes 60 Tons/ 40 Tons/ 20 Tons and 10 Tons.
  • Deep hole drilling upto 2 mtr max dia 32mm.
  • 3 Generators 125kva / 200kva
  • NEWAY make vertical machining center (VMC) (1700×800).
  • GLOBAL make vertical machining center (VMC) (2000×1200).
  • GLOBAL make vertical machining center (VMC) (1000×600).
  • Secmo (Italy) make HMC (1800 x 700).
  • KAFO make vertical machining center (VMC) (2200×4000).
  • TOS (Germany) make hydraulic surface grinder. (400 x 1500)
  • KENT (USA) make hydraulic surface grinder. (500 x 250)
  • Kbeera make Hydraulic Straightening Press – 4 mtr wide for straightening plates and shafts.
  • SKODA Floor borer (spindle dia 160mm)

What is FEA?

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a computerized method for predicting how a structure will react to real-world forces (vibration, heat, fluid flow, and other physical effects). FEA works by breaking down a real object into a large number of finite elements and using mathematical equations to predict the behaviour of each element. A computer then calculates the individual element behaviours to predict the behaviour of the actual object.

A structure is classified as “Built for Life Time” when its stress levels are reduced enough to eliminate the effects of fatigue on the specified material.

Benefits of FEA Testing

Using SolidWorks Simulation to replicate real-world scenarios, Kbeera design team are able to evaluate press performance, improve product quality, and test new ideas before a single piece is manufactured. Testing against a broad range of parameters (durability, static and dynamic response, assembly motion, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, etc.) during the design process ensures your press is engineered for maximum uptime.

Forming the future.

We provide custom hydraulic press solutions to guarantee your manufacturing success.

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