Waste Scarp Bailing Presses

Waste Scarp Bailing Presses

These Hydraulic Scrap Bailing Press are designed for processing plastic, ferrous or non-ferrous scrap in all forms. They are capable of compressing various leftover, metal scrap, metal structural, metallic chips, cardboard, jute, into round or cuboids bales. The bails can be made according to the customer’s requirement so that they are convenient for storage, transportation & metallurgy.


  • Hydraulic Bailing Press Single Action
  • Hydraulic Bailing Press Double Action
  • Hydraulic Bailing Press Triple Action
100 Ton Scrap Bailing Machine (Single Action Press)

200 Ton Scrap Bailing Press (Double Action Press)

300 Ton Scrap Bailing Machine (Triple Action Press)

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