Rubber and Compression Moulding Presses

Rubber and Compression Moulding Presses

As the popularity of thermosetting plastics , Rubber molding products & powder-compacted parts continues to increase, so does the demand for compression molding presses with heating and cooling capabilities. Once reserved for specialized aerospace applications, compression molding presses are now used in a variety of industries to form parts from essentially any material, including metals, alloys, fiber-reinforced plastics, powders, composites, and rubber.

Kbeera’s compression molding presses are engineered specifically to maximize process efficiency. From maintaining the consistent heat throughout a specified dwell period to precision pressure ramping, managing De-Gassing cycles, and collecting specific cycle data for part quality verification, Kbeera heated presses help you perfect your molding & forming operation.

Additional Press features:

  • Electric, oil, or steam heating systems
  • Water-cooled platens
  • Multi-zone temperature control for extreme uniformity
  • Multiple cavities for increased productivity
  • Platens rams to facilitate ergonomic tool Mounting.
  • Bed shuttles for simplified tool loading and unloading
  • Automatic insulated door systems for maximum heat efficiency
  • Dwell systems for energy efficiency
  • Variable Frequency Drive for efficiency and noise reduction
  • Data acquisition systems

Types of Compression Molding Press

The range of Compression Molding Presses we offer are as follows:

30 Ton Lab Press Laboratory Compression Molding Presses

4RT 150 Tons

100 Tons Compression Molding Press Oil Seals and ‘O’ Ring Molding Presses

150 Tons Rubber Tranfer Press

150 Tons Twin Type Press

200 Ton Twin Type Compression Molding Press

250 Tons 2RT Compression Molding Press

300 Tons Vaccume Molding Press

300 Ton Twin Rubber Molding Press Brake Lining and Clutch Facing Moulding Machines

500 Tons Hawai Sheet Molding Press

800 Ton EVA molding Press

2000 Tons Compression Molding Press Convey or Belts & rubber mats Molding Presses

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