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Cold forging is a metal shaping & manufacturing process in which bar stock is inserted into a die and squeezed into a second closed die. … Unlike warm or hot forging, cold forging shapes and deforms bar stock at room temperature using localized, compressive force.

What is Cold Forging? Also called cold forming, cold forging is  a process that takes place near room temperature & also improves the strength of the metal, rather than at higher temperatures like warm and hot forging. It’s done by placing the workpiece in-between two dies, and pounding the dies until the metal assumes their shape.

A cold forging hydraulic press is a hydraulic-powered machine used in cold forging processes. The cold forging hydraulic presses are used primarily in industrial manufacturing settings.

KBEERA hydraulic forming press has highly robust construction with eight point long slide guide for perfect guiding with centralize lubrication system, water cooled heat exchanger and PLC control. Our hydraulic forming presses also features advance hydro electronic controls which gives better quality products with more production
rate. Most Suitable presses for Cold forging are Gib-Guided Presses, Gib-guided presses, also known as straight-sided presses, are the frame style of choice for the most demanding applications because they offer the most precise method for ram guidance. Gibs are press components that guide the reciprocating motion of the ram to maintain superior squareness and parallelism throughout the stroke. Because gibs are fully adjustable left-to-right as well as front-to-back, you’re guaranteed to maintain precise tolerances for the life of your press. We offer Cold forging Presses from 100 Tons to 3000 Tons as per custom specifications.

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1500 Tons Cold Forging Press

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